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Do you need a cardiovascular physician's perspective about a case?

  • Does the case have merit?
  • Is medical information consistent with an accurate recount?
  • Were medical standards of care met?
  • Is there a question of malpractice or negligence?

Dr. Dalawari can help answer these questions, and the first call is always free of charge.

Dr. Dalawari is retained by plaintiff or defense in cases requiring Forensic Assessment, IME, case and records review, and testimony.

Cases focus on cardiology, cardiovascular treatment, internal medicine and emergency medicine.



Disability due to Heart Conditions

We conduct medical case review, objective evaluations, utilization review and IMEs in disability claims.

Heart disease and serious heart conditions that require treatment and interventional procedures by a cardiovascular physician can develop into permanent disability.

Insurers and Insured Individuals facing a claim benefit from proper assessment by a qualified, skilled cardiovascular physician. This is our service.

Medical Liability Insurance Providers

We assess malpractice and negligence claims with a keen eye and expertise in evaluating treatment standards and performance in cardiovascular care.

Our Services

Medical-Legal Opinions

Medical expert opinions are based on experience and skill. Opinions are issued

  • Verbally as a consulting expert
  • In a written case assessment or expert report,
  • Testimony at deposition or trial

Independent Medical Exams

Objective assessment of a patient's medical condition to provide impartial evaluation and recommendations.


Independent Medical Examinations and  Review of IMEs and opinions of other Experts

IMEs for insurability, Workers Compensation and in other regulatory or administrative venues.


Independent Medical Exam (IME)
Video Examination Available (when possible)

Medical Second Opinion

We provide second opinions. Not all diagnoses are right the first time and doctors have different levels of medical expertise and treatment recommendations.


Attorneys: A second opinion can shed new light on what others have found.

Is your client receiving mitigating care?

Are Damages appropriate?

Is a claim against your client well-founded?

Insurance Case Review

Independent case review evaluates the necessity and quality of treatment.


Medical Opinion Reports
Medical Case Review for Merit
Records Review

for Jasdeep Dalawari MD, FACC, FSCAI

Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

Medical Malpractice Expert WitnessMedical Malpractice Expert WitnessDr. Dalawari was our expert on a highly contentious medical malpractice case. His knowledge and experience and expert opinions helped us to achieve a very favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Dalawari and look forward to working with him again.


James S. Craig

Attorney & Counselor | FIEGER, FIEGER, KENNEY & HARRINGTON, PC |

Medical Expert Witness: Cardiology

I have consulted with Dr. Dalawari as a medical expert witness on numerous cardiology cases and have found him to be very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. I continue to consult with Dr. Dalawari and would highly recommend him as an expert witness.

Sean B. Cronin, Esq.

Attorney | Partner | Cronin & Maxwell, PL, Florida Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical Expert: Interventional Cardiology

Had the opportunity to work with Jasdeep Dalawari MD recently in the cardiology cath lab. Has excellent judgment, acumen, and skill. It was a great pleasure working with him over the last several months. He's an asset to any group.


Asad Sheikh MD

Interventional Cardiologist at OSF HealthCare

Interventional Cardiology: Skilled, dependable, highly recommend

Dr. Dalawari is a very skilled interventionalist, who has worked in our facility as a locum over the last 12 months. He was very dependable and well-liked by all. He provided comprehensive coverage and was easy to work with. We can't thank him enough for his expertise and his willingness to provide support to our extremely busy service. I would highly recommend him without reservation.


Julia Zimmerman

Vice President | Swedish American Health System

Meet Dr. Dalawari

Jasdeep Dalawari MD, FACC, FSCAI

Jasdeep Dalawari, M.D. is a highly skilled cardiologist in medical practice for almost 20 years. He specializes in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine and holds Board-Certifications in 6 complementary and interdependent medical specialties, including Internal and Emergency Medicine.

“When I first graduated from medical school, I wanted the broadest knowledge base possible. Therefore, I chose to pursue a dual specialty 5-year program in Emergency and Internal Medicine.  In my 3rd year of this program, I noticed my interest focusing on cardiology.”

20% percent of ED visits are cardiac in origin and I was drawn to those patients the most.

As I continued to pursue my cardiology fellowship, I enjoyed procedures and knew I could make the most direct and tangible impact in my patients’ outcomes in the field of interventional cardiology.”

~ Jasdeep Dalawari, M.D., FACC, FSCAI

Dr. Dalawari received his medical degree from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA in 2000 and for the next decade acquired Internal and Emergency Medicine Board-Certification, followed by Board-Certifications in Nuclear Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Vascular and Endovascular Medicine.


In addition to his clinical practice, he consults to attorneys and insurers in medical-legal cases involving treatment, the standard of care, medical malpractice, and all areas of law where a cardiac condition is a consideration.

What is a Cardiac Interventionalist?

Interventional Cardiology is an area of medicine within the subspecialty of cardiology that uses specialized imaging and other diagnostic techniques to evaluate blood flow and pressure in the coronary arteries and chambers of the heart, as well as technical procedures and medications to treat abnormalities that impair the function of the cardiovascular system.”

“ specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases. The field includes the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, vascular disease, and acquired structural heart disease.”

American Medical Association.


In short, a specialist in the use of angiograms and other imaging to diagnose and perform highly specialized techniques to improve blood flow to the heart before compromised arteries lead to heart failure.


A Cardiovascular Interventionalist uses catheter based treatment. A stent or balloon angioplasty are some better-known procedures in cardiovascular, vascular and endovascular treatment.

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