About Jasdeep Dalawari, M.D. FACC FSCAI, FSVM

Jasdeep Dalawari MD

Jasdeep Dalawari MD,


I am a cardiovascular physician with a clinical and medical-legal practice. I have practiced medicine for almost 15 years and consulted in forensic matters for almost as long.  

I am Board Certified in 5 cardiovascular specialties, and Internal and Emergency Medicine.

I perform a range of complex procedures to support a healthy heart, even in the presence of conditions that are difficult to treat. 

Medical-Legal Consultant

Civil Litigation. I consult and testify in civil litigation including medical malpractice and personal injury, regardless of whether you represent Plaintiff or Defense, I conduct assessments and report on my objective findings.

Medical Malpractice. The most common area of civil litigation relevant to my expertise in cardiovascular treatment is medical malpractice, standard of care and medical negligence cases.  Professional Liability Insurers may also be involved.

Personal Injury, Accidents and Heart Conditions. As an emergency physician, earlier in my career, I treated patients who had been in an accident, usually in a motor vehicle and a heart attack or heart condition preceded the accident, occurred during the accident, or followed the accident. These were the types of cases that inspired me to pursue cardiovascular medicine.

Product Liability. A cardiovascular interventionalist, my specialty, performs non-invasive procedures to open or treat vascular conditions that impact the heart. This can involve medical devices such as stents. As an Expert Witness, and educator, I enjoy explaining how these devices operate and/or medical protocol for procedures.


A heart condition can be devastating and disabling.

I am asked by disability insurers to determine if a heart condition exists, if it can be treated, and long-term prognosis. I have been asked to review medical records and perform an independent medical examination to opine on medical necessity and disability.

Patient Care

If you are a patient or patient’s family, I am available to render a second opinion or help you navigate cardiovascular treatment to obtain the best health outcomes for you or your loved ones. A website dedicated to my clinical practice can be found at Dalawari Medical Services.